Autistic Perspective Series

2022 Schedule

Most of the conversations about autism, particularly in academic or professional spaces, are not led or created by Autistic people, and are instead led by allistic (non-autistic) people working in the field of autism. These conversations shape the way people view, understand, and think about autism. They also impact the way people interact with, perceive, and treat Autistic people. Those beliefs drive policies and procedures around support for Autistic individuals and their loved ones. Without input from actual Autistic people, a wealth of information gained from lived experience is missed, risking the perpetuation of ableist systems. We believe lived experiences of Autistic people should be heard, validated, and legitimized, and must be centered in the design of systems of care and education. 

Our Autistic Perspectives Series aims to provide an accessible platform for community members to engage with an Autistic panel, who bring their lived experiences to varying topics that intersect with autism. Discussing lived experiences in a mostly neurotypical space, within a society not designed for Autistic people, is a place of vulnerability and requires labor. Panelists are compensated for the time, energy, and expertise they bring to this conversation.

This series was made possible in part by a grant from:

JANUARY 19 - Ableism

See Panelists and Resources HERE


FEBRUARY 16 - On Being Autistic

MARCH 16 - Gender Identity

APRIL 20 - Race

MAY 20 - Sex and Sexuality

JUNE 15 - Mental Health

SEPTEMBER TBA - Relationships

OCTOBER TBA - Employment

Each part of the series will be held over ZOOM on the dates below from 12:00 - 1:15.

 Each panel discussion will be recorded and available to those who registered.