Our mission is to enable and empower individuals with Autism and other neurodivergence to contribute their skills and talents to the workforce, and to offer opportunities for them to build habits of daily living and connections with the community. We strive to model the strength of inclusive employment through experiential vocational training and long-term employment.

We embrace neurodivergence and understand that all identities are varied, complex, and intersectional. We believe in listening to, centering, and amplifying Autistic and other neurodivergent voices. We are committed to actively addressing racial and socioeconomic disparities in access to opportunities and outcomes.



The Autism Support and Advocacy Center opened in 2008, as a means to advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum in schools and support families. We quickly evolved into providing summer programming for both preschool-aged children and young adults. Over time, our focus shifted exclusively to addressed the needs of those transitioning out of high school and has since expanded to include neurodivergent adults of any age.