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Becoming a Monthly Supporter means your
contribution is making a difference every day. 

Donors are an essential part of our organization. As a donor, you walk beside us in our efforts to create opportunities and belonging for the Autistic / Neurodivergent / Disabled community. Your financial commitment not only validates our mission, it sustains us. One-time donations are a boost, an infusion into our lifework. Recurring donations provide a consistency that allows us to plan and to grow. Thank you for your interest in becoming a fundamental part of the Autism Support and Advocacy Center!

$10.00 a Month

Covers the electricity costs of the Community Fridge


Pay for 2 racks of jars to be washed


Covers about 1 day's worth of waste diversion management services

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50.00 a Month

Provides equipment or materials needed for accommodations or modifications in the workplace


Covers 20% of accessibility services needed  for one Autistic Perspective Series event

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25.00 a Month

Feeds a family of 4 at each Free Market Shopping Day


Provides an hour of mentorship and support to employees for accessing mental health services, housing, transportation,  and food security.

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100.00 a Month

Provides 48 hours of employment support a year


Provides Professional Development for 2-3 staff members a year (For example: Racial Equity, Disability Justice, SafeServe, etc)

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