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Speaking Engagements

Businesses, organizations, civic groups, and schools / universities can request an ASAC team member to come speak at an event, meeting,  panel discussion, conference, etc. Speaking engagements are asking the speaker to explicitly share their personal story. 

All speaking engagements must be our Speaking Engagement Requirements (see below).

Lowest Rate: $50

Low Rate: $200 - $750

Mid Rate: $750 - $2,500

Top Rate: $2,500 - $5,000

At our discretion, we may decide to speak for free or at a lower rate, depending on the event. 



A member of the ASAC team can work with you on short-term or longer-term projects you may have for your business or organization. We can support you in assessment, goal setting, implementation plans, and evaluation. 

Through a free 30 minute initial meeting, we will listen as your share your story and ideas, ask probing/clarifying questions,  and then determine a package of supports to fit your project. 

Lowest Rate: $25 - $50 / hour

Low Rate: $50 - $100 / hour

Mid Rate: $100 - $175 / hour

Top Rate: $175 - $250 / hour



These are one-time interviews that can last up to one hour. 

Interviews that are for publications or media are free but we will only take interviews that meet our interview requirements (see below).

Interviews with Autistic, Neurodivergent, or Disabled individuals who are using the content for personal use are also free. 

Any other type of interview will require a fee:

Lowest rate: $15

Low rate: $25

Mid Rate: $35

Top Rate: $50


Lowest Rate

  • Businesses or organizations with a budget under $100,000

  • Non-profits

  • Community-rooted, Grassroots

  • Free / Non-ticketed event

Low Rate

  • Businesses or organizations with a budget between $100,000 and $250,000

  • Non-profits

  • Low fee event / free tickets available

Mid Rate

  • Business or organizations with a budget between $250,000 and $500,000

  • Non-profits

  • Ticketed Events / Sliding Scale available

Top Rate

  • Businesses, corporations, organizations with a budget over $500,000

  • For-profits

  • Ticketed Event 


  • The purpose or intent of the event, panel, or article is shared.

  • For panels, the name and organization/credentials of all people participating in the same event/panel is shared..
  • All pieces to be published must be sent to us for review, including pictures, before publishing.

  • Pronouns must be honored. 

  • For interviews and panel discussions, all questions must be submitted at least 1 week in advance. 

  • The location of the event must be ADA accessible and have gender neutral bathrooms or single stall bathrooms. 

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